Bill Gross stepped down as Augustana athletic director Friday. It was a day I had started to sense was coming, and, not surprisingly, it was an emotional one for the Augie community and Bill himself.

Bill is one of the first people I developed a relationship with as a sportswriter. When I first started covering Augie I wasn’t even full-time. I also worked part time at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I reminded Bill this week about how he would call me while I was in the kitchen or running drinks and food orders to pitch story ideas. I think he’d forgotten about it.

I know there were plenty of times I pissed Bill off over the years, but he never held grudges and always treated me well. When it comes to Augustana, Bill is a true believer. His pride in the college is genuine, and that’s easy to admire. So is his dedication.

Anyway, the story I wrote Friday was trimmed down for space reasons, and even if hadn’t been there was too much stuff to fit it all in. So here’s the audio of our conversation following the press conference. It’s unedited — no fancy introduction or ending — but I think it’s a good listen for Augie fans.

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