A Rough Draft of the Augie and USF football depth charts

I covered the Augie and USF spring football games over the last two weekends. USF’s defense handled its offense pretty good, while Augie didn’t even really play a game, just holding a public practice session.
With USF having graduated 25 seniors and Augustana transitioning to a new coaching staff, it’s obviously a new era for both teams. That meant there was plenty to be curious about heading into the spring games, and plenty to try to keep tabs on.
Neither coaching staff has been very helpful in helping to identify potential starters (which is understandable), so this is my attempt to give you a rough idea of who appears — and I stress the word appears — to be in the No. 1 slot on the depth chart on offense and defense for both teams.
I basically just tried to eyeball it — so in no way should this be considered official or anything. I can’t guarantee its accuracy.
But hopefully it at least gives football-hungry fans something to chew on.

QB - Justin Heinrich (Jr.)/Trey Heid (RFr.)
RB - Dajon Newell (Jr.)
FB - CJ Ham (So.)
WR - Grant Gebhardt (Jr.)
WR - Darren Niklason (Sr.)/Matt Gerry (Jr.)
TE - Nick Lee (Jr.)
OL - Sam Lee (So.)
OL - Brian Long (So.)
OL - Chris Mathieu (RFr.)
OL - Bruce Manz (Sr.)
OL - Nick Pappas (Jr.)
* Justin and Jason Greenway took carries at RB during the spring game with Newell and Ham both injured.

DL - Joel Slinden (Sr.)
DL - Jake Lee (Jr.)
DL - Paul Ingram (Sr.)
DL - Zach Sirek (Sr.)
LB - Nate Kirby (Jr.)
LB - Ross Peterson (Sr.)
LB - Ben Skelly (Jr.)
DB - Thomas Vanasek (Sr.)
DB - Anthony Tucker (Sr.)
DB - Devon Alber (Sr.)
DB - Garrett Earl (So.)

QB - Calvin Jacobson (So.)
RB - Brady Rose (RFr.)/Nephi Garcia (Jr.)
WR - Carrington Hanna (Sr.)
WR - Garrett Shutt (Jr.)
WR - Josh Angulo (RFr.)/Kyle Athmann (RFr.)
TE - Austin Van Hove (Sr.)
OL - Terry Huber (RFr.)
OL - Max Koehn (RFr.)
OL - Antonio Oliver (Jr.)
OL - Trevor Westcott (RFr.)
OL - Sam Dooyema (Sr.)
* OL JT Surgant (Jr.) did not play in the spring game. He’s a starter. Derek Delaney (Jr.) also did not play, and is a candidate to start.

DL - Devin Flesher (Sr.)
DL - Jarrett Grabbe (Jr.)
DL - Grant Schindler (So.)
LB - Michael Tolkamp (Jr.)
LB - Clint Wilson (So.)
LB - Jonathan Talbot (Sr.)
LB - Raymond Batista (Jr.)
DB - Jeremy Hudson (RFr.)
DB - Solomon St. Pierre (So.)
DB - Jordan Johnson (Sr.)
DB - John Tidwell (So.)