A Top 10 Tribute: The Manti Te’o playlist

I was participating in some Manti Te’o discussion/debate/joking on facebook yesterday, when, apropos of the discussion, the song ‘Invisible Touch’ by Genesis popped into my head.
I googled it, found the video and posted it on the wall of a friend. A good laugh was had by all. Then I looked at the lyrics and it was even funnier because of how well they matched up to the Te’o story. It got me thinking, as a rabid fan of the movie ‘High Fidelity’, how about a Top 10 list?

Top 10 songs for Manti Te’o: A tribute

Number 10.

Number 9.

Number 8.

Number 7.

Number 6.

Number 5.

Number 4.

Number 3.

Number 2.

And the No. 1 song on the Manti Te’o Top 10 tribute playlist.